Delights of Sevilla and Lucy goes ROAR(ish)

Gazpacho in a glass and cafecito con leche

I´ve been most happily wandering around this beautiful city today. I found my Credencial (2 Euro) and English language guide (10 Euro) both from `Hotel Simon` close to the Cathedral and am staying tonight in Hostal de la Triana where they offer a discount to pilgrims. It´s 13 Euro for a bed in a dorm. There is a cycling pilgrim who´s just arrived and some others with gear on their beds. I seem to be the only one with snap-lock bags full of trail mix, super greens, linseeds, cacao beans and gojis. Maybe it´s a hang-over from my Bibbulmun walking days, though more than that  I´m also trying to do this walk semi raw… ie eating mostly fresh fruit and veggies, nuts and seeds. Yeah, I recently had a bit of a nutrition and eating revelation in Vilcabamba in Ecuador. Basically not eating bread and (much) cooked food and hardly anything processed felt so wonderfully good and left me with a clear mind and a happy spirit. I´m excited to see how it pans out in the context of a long walk, and I´m not being silly about it. I´m sure I´ll be eating more standard Camino fare as well. Today´s coffee, pictured, was accompanied by rich oily Gazpacho served with ice in a wine glass.

I love this city.

When I went to the Cathedral today to sit quietly for a while, I found it rather brimming with people with screens up displaying live coverage of what was happening in the special invitation-only area. Curious! The, ah, ´live´ coverage was a human body in a glass coffin. An old man in beautiful robes who appeared to be sleeping. I found out when I asked that it was the special day where the relics of San Juan Bosque were being displayed, and it made me think about the saints whose bodies do not decompose after death. So the tales go. And in this case seemingly upheld.

Off to bubby dud now, ready for an early start!



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